MVD checklist


Use this checklist to help you complete your minimum viable API documentation.

Section Questions to answer Information to include
Overview What type of API do you have? Type of API (RESTful, SOAP, platform-based)
  What can users do with your API? Brief use cases and examples (2 or 3 sentences)
  Are there any access details or restrictions users need to know about? Base URL, Rate limits
Authentication If your API requires an authentication token or key, how do users get one? Authentication method
  Do tokens/keys expire? Expiration intervals (if any)
  What should users do if their token/key expires? Refreshing expired tokens/keys
  How do users pass authentication to your API? Example authorization header
Workflows What is the optimal/assumed workflow for the 2 or 3 most useful things users can do with your API? Link to the reference for each endpoint mentioned in the workflow
Code samples What does the code look like for common use cases? Complete code samples and code snippets that users can copy and paste
Reference What do users need to know to use each endpoint? For each endpoint:
    HTTP method (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE)
    Complete request URL
    Parameters (path and query): name, type, description, and whether the parameter is requred
    Example request (including header and body)
    List of each element in the example request, including the type, description, and whether the element is required
    Example response
    List of each element in the example response, including type and description
    List of error and status codes, including the code, message, and meaning