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Changelog / What's New

Version 2 (Released 3/3/2023)

  • Please see upgrading to Version 2 for information about how to upgrade API-consuming code to work with Version 2.
  • [BREAKING CHANGE] The data extract request payload JSON member keys (field names) were changed from snake_case to camelCase to conform with JSON best practices.
  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Query parameters have changed from snake_case to camelCase to stay aligned with our JSON payload member key change.
  • [BREAKING CHANGE] The DataExtractResponse schema has changed. Most extract details are now encapsulated within a new top level JSON member key extractDefinition.
  • [NOTE] The version query parameter format switched from vVERSION to just VERSION starting with Version 2. Therefore, whereas Version 1 required version=v1 Version 2 requires version=2
  • New Data Collections
  • New Features
    • Case selection support for USA, CPS and IPUMS International
    • Attached characteristics support for USA, CPS, and IPUMS International
    • Data quality flag support USA and CPS
    • Hierarchical extracts support for USA, CPS, and IPUMS International
    • Support for year selection for time_series_table extracts for NHGIS
    • Support for paging API results
    • New /data_tables endpoint to list all data_tables across all datasets for NHGIS
    • data_tables response metadata now contains the universe and the count of variables for NHGIS
  • Bugfixes
    • NHGIS data extract request responses were not returning a status. Now returns ‘queued’ status.
    • NHGIS now returns breakdown values in the proper order and no longer returns breakdown values with no value.
    • NHGIS now returns dataset and time_series_table metadata in proper year-sorted order.
    • Microdata collections’ extracts listings no longer error if a non-existent sample or variable is encountered in a prior extract request
  • Miscellaneous

Version 1 (Released 3/3/2023)

  • We introduced a unified IPUMS API versioning strategy.
  • IPUMS API Version 1 includes all API functionality that was released prior to March 2023.
  • IPUMS USA and IPUMS CPS data extract functionality exited beta status and entered stable status.