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IPUMS API Program Roadmap

These are some thoughts about our future roadmap. These are plans, not promises, and plans will almost certainly change as we gain more experience and user feedback. But here’s what we’re currently thinking!

Short Term

For our next major feature release, we will be working on initial support for our IPUMS Health Surveys and Time Use data collections.

Medium Term

Medium term directions will partially depend on usage and user feedback. However, we anticipate the following work areas:

  • expanding the API user base
  • adding support to the API for more of the operations that are available via the website
  • investigating whether we can add more data collections’ data to the API
  • increasing metadata available via the API to support more use cases
  • aggregate data streaming support
  • continuing development of API client SDK libraries to support more IPUMS API functionality

Long Term

Further into the future, we hope to bring more real-time data streaming and data tabulation functionality to fruition.